Although the school enrollment rate in India has increased over the years due to national efforts, third grade students are unable to read 5 letter words and first grade students are unable to write the ABCs due in many schools across the country due to a commonly adopted rote-based education system. How can we expect the nation to prosper if the country’s youth are not equipped with adequate education?

Our Mission

We constantly strive to enable students in low-income schools to learn independently to overcome the limitations of their environment by bringing in hands-on educational activities and resources which supplement the curriculum used in schools or provide extra avenues for the students.

About SelfEd Initiative

When we think of educating underprivileged children, we often think of a top-down approach with strict accountability measures for teachers and the school. We pour our money into rigorous teacher training and exorbitant resources. Perhaps a cheaper and more efficient solution to India’s education inequality lies in the student not the school. We believe that motivated students with sufficient resources can direct their learning, with or without the support from teachers or the school. We founded SelfEd to provide sustainable resources that enable students to drive their own learning.


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Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved with SelfEd Initiative to help us change education globally.

STEM Workshop

The STEM workshop is a pilot program in applied mathematics and engineering designed by the Future Engineers Camp in California. The mission of this program is to provide foundational knowledge in STEM while fostering curiosity and creativity. Volunteers spend a few hours at a low-income school help conduct hands-on activities to teach STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).


SelfEd is always looking for volunteers for activities such fundraising and more. We are involved in many projects and we are looking for your help!

School Supplies

One of the many things that are required to facilitate self motivated learning are school supplies. The proper supplies for students is pivotal in their learning environment. Click here to inquire about donations of school supplies.