Mission Statement

SelfEd is an effort to foster sustainable, self-motivated, and improved education in low-economic zones in Bangalore.

We believe that the solution to revolutionizing our education system is more related to empowering our students and providing the resources to achieve their ambitions. We believe that integrating technology in education can initiate this shift in the education system.

Digital Library

Our Digital Library Initiative integrates technology with traditional education in a collaborative environment. We bring laptops, WiFi connectivity, and education applications to schools. Students supplement their learning with these resources; a textbook might introduce a concept, but technology provides a breath of customizable practice.

STEM Workshop

Our STEM Workshops is a partnership with Future Engineers Summer Camp (FESC) in Silicon Valley and the Nokia India CSR team. While the former creates the curriculum, the latter volunteers to teach at the school. The workshops provides students in low-economic schools exposure to basic science and engineering through several hands-on activities.

Peer2Peer Mentorship

Our mentorship program encourages collaboration between students as they strive to be educationally independent. We place an older student who is adept in a subject area with a younger student who is struggling in that subject. Older students develop confidence and solidify their understanding in their subject area; younger students receive the extra guidance they require. While students learn from each other, teachers have time to coordinate on lesson plans.

Integrated Curriculum

We want to bring about a theme-based curriculum in the low-income schools of India. We added certain aspects of the theme-based curriculum to create an integrated curriculum. It contains organized and group-driven activities with enough flexibility for each student/group of students to investigate different ideas.

Nannu Kannu Eye Camp

Our eye care initiative arose as a byproduct of other projects. While empowering students to learn independently is paramount, education is most effective with students have complete vision. We partner with Sankara Eye Foundation to conduct free eye camps and treatment for students. By reducing health distractions, children are able to concentrate on their education.

Quiet Workspace

We revamped a room in one of the schools in order to create a quiet and comfortable learning environment for students, where they can read, use computers, and collaborate on school work.

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