Our Story

When we think of educating underprivileged children, we often think of a top-down approach with strict accountability measures for teachers and the school. We pour our money into rigorous teacher training and exorbitant resources. Perhaps a cheaper and more efficient solution to India’s education inequality lies in the student not the school. We believe that motivated students with sufficient resources can direct their learning, with or without the support from teachers or the school. 

Our names are Aishwarya Suresh, Megha Sreekanth, and Naina Mishra. We are high school students who are fortunate to have received quality education and are passionate about transforming the education system in low economic zones. We began this journey with Mantra4Change, a non-profit dedicated to education development in Bangalore. Through an intensive month of volunteering, we realized that the most pressing issue was not student aptitude, but the lack of educational resources. 

We founded SelfEd to provide sustainable resources that enable students to drive their own learning. In the past two years, we have recognized that students––with the guidance of technology––can serve as resources to each other. We enable students in low-income schools to learn independently with or without teacher guidance to overcome the limitations of their environment.

Meet the Team

Aishwarya Suresh

Naina Mishra

Megha Sreekanth