Our Projects

The Projects

At SelfEd, we are constantly striving to bring positive change change in different ways. We have a vast variety of projects impacting students of different backgrounds. Check out some of our projects below!

Digital Library

Our Digital Library Initiative integrates technology with traditional education in a collaborative environment. We bring laptops, WiFi connectivity, and educational applications to schools. Students supplement their learning with these resources; a textbook might introduce a concept, but technology provides a breath of customizable practice.

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STEM Workshop

Our STEM Workshops is a partnership with Future Engineers Summer Camp (FESC) in Silicon Valley and corporate social responsibility teams from various multi-nationals such as Nokia, Dell and Oracle. The workshops provides students in low-economic schools exposure to basic science and engineering through several hands-on activities.

Peer2Peer Mentorship

Our mentorship program encourages collaboration between students as they strive to be educationally independent. We place an older student who is adept in a subject area with a younger student who is struggling in that subject. Older students develop confidence and solidify their understanding in their subject area; younger students receive the extra guidance they require. While students learn from each other, teachers have time to coordinate on lesson plans.

Eye Care

Our eye care initiative arose as we noticed several students were finding it difficult to read the chalkboard or their books. While empowering students to learn independently is paramount, education is most effective when students do not have physical challenges. We partner with Sankara Eye Foundation to conduct free eye camps and treatment for students. By reducing health distractions, children are able to concentrate on their education.

Digital Education Curriculum

This program was aimed at setting the computer and digital education curriculum for the children. Since there are children who have never seen or touched a computer, the program starts with teaching them the basics of digital education and slowly introduces them to applications, software programs, internet, social media, and professional skills. The aim is to start with digital literacy and stoke their curiosity while teaching them the tools to expand their knowledge.

Creative Study Space

Several schools foster a rote-based school environment where student don’t have the freedom to explore their curricular and co-curricular interests or involve themselves in their education in an independent manner. Our creative study space is equipped with tablets, books, and pillows to form an environment where students can use the technology, read, work on collaborative projects, or finish their homework. In addition, SelfEd also revamps to the school infrastructure to ensure students are not distracted by broken tables and chairs and have a distraction-free classroom environment.

Career Awareness Workshop

In order to increase the high school graduation rate and expose students to potential careers, SelfEd runs career awareness workshops where professionals give students information on their careers and vocational training and Nettur Technical Training Foundation gives students information on polytechnic schools.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Global issues are complex and affect a diverse population so is nearly impossible for one person to thoroughly understand and target the issue. This program aims to Instill leadership and entrepreneurial spirit so students can tackle localized challenges independently, which encourages grassroots activism–– the ideal form of facing complex global issues. This curriculum equips students with root cause analysis and intervention, presentation skills, goal setting, growth mindset, as well as knowledge in marketing, segmentation, crowdfunding, and budgeting. Who is a Facilitator? A facilitator is the change-maker that lets the magic happen! Facilitators run the Leadership and Entrepreneurship program.